Mini Military Legend

Muddy Border

Mini Military Legend

Have you got what it takes to become one of a very small group of people.

The Legends run is difficult for the fittest of adults and possibly poses one of the toughest children’s challenges in the Obstacle Course Running arena.

you have to complete the 3k Saturday morning, its a quick stop and off you go wit the 5k course.
on completion you will need to recover and refuel as on the Sunday you will be running the 9k course.
In total that is a minimum 17k over 2 days completing more than 100 obstacles.

the Legend status is one to be coveted and you ill receive a very special social media certificate so that you can show your friends and family what you have achieved.

For the Parents

Mums and Dads, we included in the price of a Legends ticket you will receive 1 free adult ticket meaning you can also get to experience the fun.
all legends waves start at 10 am both days.

During the evening come and see the team for a chat and a well earned rest whilst getting ready for the next day of running
your children are about to complete something amazing, you should be super proud of them